Linktivity Suite

Elevate the Act! Experience with Linktivity

Supercharge your productivity with new tools and workflows to create interactive quotes, generate leads, manage event registrations, and provide self-service appointment booking.


Link2quotes+ is the ultimate quoting solution for Act! allowing you to create custom quotes to share with your prospects, provide insight into when quotes are viewed, schedule follow-ups, generate automated reminders, and process payments.

Key features and benefits

  • Create custom quotes and quote templates to match your brand and style
  • Schedule quote follow-ups to keep your sales pipeline on track
  • Send automated quote reminders to ensure quotes stay top of mind
  • Real-time visibility to see when prospects view quotes and keep opportunities moving
  • Process secure payments upon quote acceptance to simplify the sales process increase conversion
  • Track accepted quotes against goals to monitor progress toward achieving sales targets


Link2forms+ is a powerful lead generation tool that streamlines the collection of customer data with customisable forms for things such as newsletter signups, service or quote requests, information requests, surveys, and much more.

Key features and benefits

  • Create customisable forms to generate a consistent stream of leads to fuel sales and marketing efforts
  • Categorise and segment leads to provide targeted follow-up to increase customer engagement and conversion rates
  • Run comprehensive reports on collected feedback to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions
  • Automate response feedback to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Control access to customer feedback to ensure data security and compliance


Link2events+ makes planning online events such as webinars, training sessions, virtual trade shows, and more, a breeze. From marketing to attendees, managing RSVPs, publishing event details, and sending reminders, Link2events+ is an all-in-one events solution that integrates seamlessly with Act!.

Key features & benefits:

  • Create events that sync directly to your Act! Calendar to ensure your schedule is always up-to-date
  • Provide attendees with a user-friendly online sign-up process to maximise registration
  • Send automated reminders to increase attendance and improve the overall success of your events
  • Easily segment and categorise attendees to enhance post-event engagement and marketing
  • Track and manage RSVPs in Act! to reduce manual effort and improve event planning efficiency


Link2calendar offers Act! Premium Cloud users with a convenient way to schedule meetings for everyone involved. Act! users can now easily share their calendar via an online link that customers can use to book available times, which syncs directly to the Act! Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

Key features and benefits

  • Share calendars via online link to make scheduling simple and easy
  • Send and receive meeting reminders, notifications, and calendar invites to ensure meeting attendance
  • Configure for multiple meeting types to easily differentiate between appointments
  • Sync bookings seamlessly with Act! to avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings
  • Optimise your time by monetising valuable meetings with options to bill

Act! CRM Software

Act! Premium Desktop

Windows desktop based software that has all the Act! features and functionality available. Advanced customisation and a wide range of add-on integration capabilities.

Act! Premium Cloud

Web based software that is available anytime, anywhere 24/7 from any device. Automatic backups, updates and upgrades giving you peace of mind so can build your business.