Cloud Hosting Services

Hosted 24/7 Virtual Offices

Improve accessibility, reliability, and speed of processing data. Access your virtual desktop from anywhere globally at any time of day to enjoy a familiar experience from any internet enabled device. Includes daily backups of all stored data.

Daily Environment Backups

Multi-Factor Security

Any Device, Any Location

24/7 Online Access

Scalable Hardware

Included Support

Our Hosting Services

Remove the hassle of maintaining your own infrastructure, potential hardware failure, regular backups, and system accessibility. We’ll take care of everything for you, all you need is an internet connected device to enable you to dial-in to your remote virtual environment and you’ll have instant access to email, financial systems, documents, and any other data hosted within your business.

Environment Specifications

  • Windows Server 2022, Scalable CPU, RAM, and Storage
  • 1GB Down/Up Broadband Line
  • Access via Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Supported on Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS

Included Features

  • Daily Backups of System & Business Data – Retained for X Days
  • Multi-Factor Authentication for User Logon Protection
  • Our Fully Managed Support Package
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Update Support
  • Basic Support for Staff Devices To Resolve Connectivity Problems
  • Active Directory Domain Services

Migrate All, None, or Some Business Data. Use The Environment However You Desire.

End of Life Services

Replace current equipment that may be reaching End-of-Life (EoL) with fresh modern hardware. We'll handle appropriate replacement of your existing infrastructure to increase system speed, reliability, and overall performance no-matter the workload.

Microsoft 365 Services

As a Microsoft Solutions Provider, we can plan, supply, implement, migrate, and support various online services under Microsoft 365 including email, data backup, document collaboration, file sharing, and more.

Scalable Hardware

Allocate the amount of hardware needed for your business needs. From a small system designed for 1~2 users to large scale devices intended for 100+ staff. Whether on day 1 or day 100 all our proposals are scalable for future upgrade or downgrade.

Enable True Remote Working

Unchain staff from a central office. Dial-in to our hosted Remote Desktop Services Environment from any device with internet connectivity. Including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, for immediate access to a Windows Environment staff are familiar with

Cloud Backups

Our Hosting Servers are automatically backed up daily with a 7 day retention, but if you need longer then we can leverage our Cloud Backup Service to provide a full comprehensive backup to retain as much data for as long as desired.

Reliable Support

Our proactive approach means we’re monitoring your systems around the clock, so we can identify and address potential issues before they affect your business.

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