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Sage’s 50cloud Accounts Software Roadmap 2019 -2020

Sage promises to offer the best user experience to customers using its accounting software by continually reworking and making improvements to its products. Each year Sage makes amendments and developments to its 50cloud Accounts software, so we’ve rounded up the latest changes from this year as well as those we can look forward to in 2020.

Making Tax Digital

The most notable additions to Sage 50cloud Accounts over the past twelve months have centered around the new Making Tax Digital legislation which came into effect in August 2019. To help its users make the transition and comply with the new MTD regulations, Sage added an MTD module for Sage 50 Accounts. This module allows users to submit their VAT returns through the HMRC Gateway within the 50c accounts software.

To help accountants who manage multiple companies, Sage has developed its Company Selection option further, making it easier to see at a glance which companies are set up for MTD. Using the Client Manager, Accountants will also be able to submit their client’s MTD VAT returns without the need to re-enter their log in credentials, making it a much faster process.

Domestic Reverse Charge

Another milestone in 2019 for Sage 50cloud users was the introduction of the new CIS reverse charge rules. This new HMRC legislative change was due to come into effect from 1st October, but following pressure from the construction sector it was postponed until October 2020.

To keep Sage 50cloud software compliant with the new Reverse Charge, Sage has created an additional module (only available for 50cloud products) that will help users navigate the new legislation. Will the CIS reverse charge affect your business? We’ve complied a list to help you prepare, you can read it here.


Sage is also helping its users deal with the possibility and effects of a no deal Brexit, with in-built functionality that can be switched on if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. This functionality will have advice and links to help you understand and work around the implications for your business. For more information and advice in this area, take a look at the Sage Brexit Hub.

Additional Developments

During 2019, Sage strengthened its data security processes for the 50cloud software as well as making it easier to diagnose and fix problems.

Future Enhancements for Sage 50cloud Accounts

Sage has outlined a number of other features for its 50cloud Accounts product due to be released in the near future. The first of the proposed updates includes a more accessible API that will allow developers to create more apps to integrate with your Sage data. This will offer more functionality and diversity to the Sage 50cloud Accounts product.

To further streamline the Sage 50c user journey, Sage is also planning to introduce more automation into the product. This automation will focus specifically on the ‘Expenses’ and ‘Purchases’ sections of the software and will reduce the manual aspects of data entry.

A new silent update feature will make it easier for businesses to centrally deploy new product updates to their Sage 50cloud Accounts software, using a download option for each new update -this means less disruption and easier updates for all users.

Also, in planning is a more in-depth dashboard and insights feature, to provide a better overview of your business profitability and cash position without having to spend time generating specific reports.

Are you using the latest version of Sage 50c Accounts? If not, find out what your missing out on in our previous post.

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