Sage 50cloud Payroll V26 (2020/21)

Sage 50cloud Payroll V26 (2020/21)

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Softext develop and publish Sage 50cloud Payroll training materials, used by individuals, Colleges, Universities and Training Providers. They have been written to be used in the classroom, in house and self-study environment.

Our Sage 50cloud Payroll 2020/21 V26 Manuals will teach step by step how to use and understand the Sage Software.

We have materials covering Sage 50cloud Payroll from Beginners and Intermediate Levels.
NB: Please match the training manual version to your software.

The manuals use a data file which you use to work through the course. This can be obtained from our download page

Product Features

  • Suitable for self study or classroom based environment
  • Will teach you in depth step by step how to use and understand the software
  • Company data file to use with the manual (downloads page)
  • FREE samples available
  • Printed in Spiral Bound A4 Format


Training Providers

What we can offer:

Materials for Qualifications
Colleges, Universities and education centres use our manuals to teach their students the computerised Accounting and Payroll aspects towards their qualifications.

As an Accredited Sage Business Partner we can supply you education Software for your centre and students.
We will beat Sage direct prices!

Custom Covers
Add your own branding. Simply send us an A4 pdf/word file and we will add this to the front cover of any order you require. As standard the manuals are delivered with our covers or in plain white format. * extra fees apply for own covers.

Some of our customers covers below.

If you are a training provider or interested in becoming a reseller please feel free to get in touch by phone or email

Sage 50cloud Payroll V25 (2019/20) Beginners Contents


Chapter 1 ~ Before You Start
Chapter 2 ~ Important Information
Chapter 3 ~ Getting started
Chapter 4 ~ Backing Up & Restoring Data
Chapter 5 ~ Payroll Basics
Chapter 6 ~ Company Settings
Chapter 7 ~ Legislation settings
Chapter 8 ~ Pension Scheme Basics
Chapter 9 ~ Pay Elements
Chapter 10 ~ The Processing Date
Chapter 11 ~ Adding Existing Employees
Chapter 12 ~ Adding New Employees
Chapter 13 ~ Payroll Processing Basics
Chapter 14 ~ Entering Payments
Chapter 15 ~ Pre-Update Reports
Chapter 16 ~ Updating Records
Chapter 17 ~ e-Submissions Basics
Chapter 18 ~ Process Payroll (November)
Chapter 19 ~ Employee Records and Reports
Chapter 20 ~ Editing Employee Records
Chapter 21 ~ Process Payroll (December)
Chapter 22 ~ Resetting Payments
Chapter 23 ~ Quick SSP
Chapter 24 ~ An Employee Leaves
Chapter 25 ~ Final Payroll Run
Chapter 26 ~ Reports and Historical Data
Chapter 27 ~ Year-End Procedures
Appendix A ~ The Startup Wizard

Sage 50cloud Payroll V25 (2019/20) Intermediate Contents


Chapter 1 ~ Before You Start
Chapter 2 ~ Important Information
Chapter 3 ~ Program Basics
Chapter 4 ~ The Outline View and Criteria
Chapter 5 ~ Global Changes
Chapter 6 ~ Timesheets
Chapter 7 ~ Departments and Analysis
Chapter 8 ~ Holiday Schemes
Chapter 9 ~ Recording Holidays
Chapter 10 ~ Absence Reasons
Chapter 11 ~ Statutory Sick Pay
Chapter 12 ~ Statutory Maternity Pay
Chapter 13 ~ Student Loans
Chapter 14 ~ Company Cars
Chapter 15 ~ Workplace Pensions
Chapter 16 ~ Holiday Funds
Chapter 17 ~ Roll Back
Chapter 18 ~ Passwords and Access Rights
Chapter 19 ~ Options and Links
Chapter 20 ~ Linking Payroll to Accounts
Appendix A ~ The Startup Wizard

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