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Sage developed the Software so they’re experts in this field. They work with the Software every day so with unrivalled experience they can focus on delivering high quality, effective training that’s tailored to your needs.

Some of the benefits of Sage Training:

Courses are presented in language that is clear, jargon-free and easy to understand
Our trainers and tutors continually review and revise course content so it’s up to date with the latest developments
Gain the skills you need to make the most of your Software and work more effectively and efficiently

So, who’s it for?

Sage Training is suitable for anyone who uses our Software – or who’s thinking about using it – whatever their level of skill or field of business.

You might be starting your first job in accounts or setting up your own business. Or you might have many years’ experience of using Sage Software and want to upgrade your Software or polish your skills.

Available at Different sites throughout the UK.

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Sage Certification is a simple but valuable way to show that you’re good at using our software.

Sage Certification gives you an added boost to your skills and makes you stand out in the job market.

For employers, Sage Certification makes staff selection and promotion easier. Research shows that people with certifications are more productive and motivated.

Prices and Availability

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Sage 50 Accounts Stage 1 – 1 day

Get a firm understanding of the basic principles of Sage 50 Accounts, from navigation through to creating and amending various records, getting started with opening balances and controlling user access.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Be familiar with the Sage 50 Accounts user interface
  • Understand how to use password protection and how to restrict user access
  • Understand basic configuration, financial year settings, and setting up tax codes
  • Know how to create, amend and delete nominal accounts
  • Know how to create bank, cash and credit card accounts
  • Understand the role of the Chart of Accounts, and how to amend it
  • Know how to create departments
  • Know how to create, amend and delete customer and supplier accounts
  • Be able to enter opening balances for nominal, customer and supplier accounts

Sage 50 Accounts Stage 2 – 2 days

This course, suitable for those with a basic understanding of Sage 50 Accounts, will help you understand its core operations. Some of the key topics include processing supplier invoices, credit notes and payments, managing the sales ledger, posting bank payments and receipts, error corrections and protecting your data.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to enter supplier invoices and credit notes
  • Be able to post supplier payments including printing remittance advices, cheques and using e-banking
  • Know how to create and print service invoices and credit notes for customers
  • Be able to post customer receipts and understand how to manage the Sales Ledger, including disputing invoices
  • Be able to post supplier payments and understand how to manage the Purchase Ledger
  • Understand how to deal with contra entries
  • Be familiar with posting bank and cash transactions
  • Learn how to save time by using Recurring Entries
  • Understand how to interrogate data using searches to enable more accurate reporting
  • Know how to check and safeguard data using backups
  • Understand how to correct errors
  • Know how to post and correct Journal Entries
  • Be able to process customer payments and supplier refunds

Sage 50 Accounts Stage 3 – 2 days

Take an in-depth look at the processes for Month End, Year End, credit control and VAT return. The course also covers depreciation, prepayments and accruals, bank reconciliation, and key performance indicators.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to perform a bank reconciliation
  • Understand how to manage credit control, including statements and overdue letters
  • Be able to write off bad debts and perform a VAT reclaim
  • Know how to set up the Fixed Asset Register, post depreciation journals and dispose of fixed assets
  • Understand how to post prepayments and accruals
  • Be able to produce financial reports, including the Profit & Loss report and Balance Sheet
  • Know how to set budget information and use departments for additional analysis
  • Be able to produce, check and submit a VAT Return
  • Know how to prepare for, and run the Year End routine
  • Be able to create multiple company accounts for associated companies or branches
  • Understand how to Integrate Sage 50 Account with Microsoft Office

Sage 50 Accounts Stage 4 – 2 days

Learn everything you need to know about managing a stock control system and processing sales and purchase orders. This course also covers sales invoices and credit notes, quotes and pro forma invoices, as well as foreign trading and Intrastat reports.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to plan and maintain stock records, post opening balances and record adjustments
  • Know how to set up multiple delivery addresses for your company, your customers and suppliers
  • Be familiar with the purchase order cycle, know how to process from entry to delivery and match and post invoices to orders
  • Understand product pricing and discount structures
  • Be familiar with the sales order cycle, know how to process from entry to despatch and link to other areas of Sage 50 Accounts Professional
  • Know how to perform stock takes, process stock adjustments and deal with stock returns and stock month end journals
  • Know how to use the Bill of Materials function to assemble finished goods from stocked components
  • Be able to produce product invoices and credit notes
  • Be able to produce quotes and pro-forma’s
  • Be able to produce repeat invoices using recurring transactions, skeletons and duplicates
  • Know how to run a stock year end and make global changes
  • Know how to produce foreign currency orders, create foreign currency price lists and generate Intrastat reports

Sage 50 Accounts Report Design – 2 days

Become an expert at amending and creating reports/layouts, adding totals, filters and criteria for accurate and specific analysis.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Know how to create new reports using the report wizard, amend fixed reports, select variables, sort information and amend the page layout
  • Be able to insert calculations into a report and change the presentation of information
  • Know how to improve presentation by adding sub-totals and grand totals
  • Understand how to add filters to a report to select specific information
  • Be able to split debits and credits and produce meaningful transaction totals
  • Be familiar with selection filters, advanced filters and advanced criteria
  • Know how to create overdue account letters and sales promotions using specific criteria and expressions
  • Know how to amend an existing invoice, letter or order layout