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Pi for Sage 50 is a pre-configured analytics and BI platform, which allows users to easily view and report on data from Sage 50 Accounts and other databases in one central dashboard.


Buying in a proven solution, rather than devoting internal resource to developing one in house, offers the quickest return on investment.

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This is the brand new Sage 50 Reporting tool by Panintelligence.

Panintelligence has been leading the way in Sage 200 reporting for several years and have now developed their product to integrate with Sage 50 as well as a host of other products.

This allows you to view reports at a click and customise these how you want to see them without having to go near your Sage 50 accounts software or risk damaging anything within the accounts.  Once the report(s) are setup, they can be viewed anywhere and anytime as long as you have an active internet connection.

This is ideal for Managing Director, Sales Managers or Finance Directors who need to view information quickly and analyse data without going through a long winded reporting process.

Why choose PI for Sage 50?

  • Automate and schedule reports
  • View bespoke tables in Sage 50
  • Stop relying on Excel formulas and eliminate human error
  • Create calculated objects once and use limitlessly
  • Connect to multiple companies in Sage 50
  • Share and access information when working in the field
  • Connect to other databases in your business
  • Get all staff on the same page, viewing the same data














If you would like a demo or further information please get in touch.

Pi Dashboard Technical Data Sheet

Zero install on client machines

  • PC, any Windows version
  • Mac, any macOS version
  • iPad \ Android – Tablet \ Mobile
  • Any Browser – Chrome, IE 10+, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera
  • Native HTML5 web application (Responsive)

Simple, flexible & secure server install

Server component
Pick your preferred location;
o On-premise
o Cloud
o Cloud to Cloud

  • Supports Load Balancing \ Failover (High usage and availability)
  • Light Footprint
  • Minimum server spec 2 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 2GB disk space

The server software is

  • 64bit Java based
  • By default Apache Tomcat Server – but any Java enabled web server
  • Integrates with MS IIS
  • Integrates with .NET applications
  • Optional Single Sign On – no new user names or passwords

Multiple server operating systems supported

  • Windows – No pre-requisites – self-contained
  • Unix, Linux, macOS – requires Java 8 and GLIBC 19 or above


  • No data is held on the client device
  • Role-based access – define what users can and can’t see
  • Audit Dashboard user access and usage
  • Supports HTTPS, proxy to your mobile users for access on the go
  • Restrict some users to only see their applicable data without creating different charts for each user; ideal for your sales team or securely exposing parts of the dashboard to customers, suppliers or other stakeholders.Skinnable & easy to integrate
  • RESTful web services
  • Integrated security
  • Silent install option for seamless integration with OEM’s own installer

Integrate with other applications

  • OEM’s can embed any chart (HTML components) in their own applications
  • Application Chaining; context sensitive drill out to your own or other applications

Brand with your own logos, corporate colours or fonts

Integrates with Microsoft

  • Export to Excel
  • Integrates with any SMTP email server (inc MS Exchange Server & Office 365)

Database connectivity

  • Multiple data sources in a single dashboard view; e.g. Finance, CRM & Support
  • No requirement to move any data from current locations: no ETL required
  • All your data actionable in one portal
  • SQL (e.g. MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and others)
  • NoSQL (e.g. Hadoop – Phoenix, HDFS, Horton, Green Plum and others)
  • Cloud based sources can use Pi Parrot to query APIs
  • Salesforce Driver available
  • Third party drivers (e.g. Progress, CData) catered for
  • Multitenancy / SaaS
  • Wizard-driven database introspection

Easy to use and share
Easy to learn

  • Feels like a web app not a BI tool
  • Fun to use
  • Anyone can create a dashboard

Dynamic drilling

  • Rule based drill paths
  • Object Swapping
    – Extensible allows very simple exploration within tool

Exception reporting
What-if scenarios
Schedule alerts and reports

Wall Boards

  • Dashboards on TVs

PanIntelligence – Advanced Reporting for Sage 50 Accounts and other systems.