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Microsoft Excel Online Training –  IT Support and Learning Tool.

SuperHelp gives you immediate online access to our Microsoft training courses 24/7. It is ideal for training and first-line support.  Subscription gives you 12 months access to Microsoft Excel Online course.

  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer (works on smart phones and tablet devices)
  • Ideal for individuals, businesses and workgroups
  • Single and multiple user accounts
  • Quickly look up topics for instant help or learn by following chapters
  • Exercise files available to download as you work through
  • Tasks to test your knowledge

Companies – Training Organisations

SuperHelp Online is great to use as a front-line help desk tool and for structured learning. You can share user logins, decide which titles each user can access and customise the user interface. Or just sign up and go without no fuss, no installation and no settings! Ideal for small and large organisations, individuals and workgroups.

  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer
  • Login script that you can place on your own website
  • Api to deliver content in your own website
  • White Labeled – Add your own logo, branding and styles
  • Single and multiple user accounts
  • Decide which titles each user can access

Microsoft Excel Beginners Contents

  1. Before You Start
  2. What is a Spreadsheet Program?
  3. Getting Started with Microsoft Excel
  4. Workbook Windows and Views
  5. Basic Spreadsheet Skills
  6. Using the Help System
  7. Opening, Saving and Closing Workbooks
  8. Workbook File Formats
  9. Creating New Workbooks
  10. Selecting Cells
  11. Cell Referencing
  12. Auto Sum and Auto Fill
  13. Formatting Numbers
  14. Formatting Cells
  15. Cell Alignment
  16. Cells, Rows and Columns
  17. Working with Worksheets
  18. Edit, Copy and Move Cells
  19. Proofing Workbooks
  20. Page Layout
  21. Printing and Previewing Worksheets
  22. Basic Options
  23. E-Mailing Workbooks

Microsoft Excel Intermediate Contents

  1. Before You Start
  2. Defined Names
  3. Sort Data and Remove Duplicates
  4. Excel Tables
  5. Chart Basics
  6. Chart Design
  7. Chart Layout
  8. Chart Format
  9. More About Charts
  10. Introduction to Functions
  11. Date Functions
  12. Logical Functions
  13. Information Functions
  14. Financial Functions
  15. Find and Replace
  16. Headers and Footers
  17. Adding Comments
  18. Conditional Formatting

Microsoft Excel Advanced Contents

  1. Before You Start
  2. Text to Columns
  3. Paste Special
  4. Data Validation
  5. Subtotals and Grouping
  6. Consolidate Data
  7. What-if Analysis – Data Tables
  8. What-if Analysis – Scenarios
  9. What-if Analysis – Goal Seek
  10. Text Functions
  11. Lookup Functions
  12. Maths and Trig Functions
  13. Statistical Functions
  14. Database Functions
  15. Formula Auditing and Error Tracing
  16. Linking Data
  17. Hyperlinks
  18. Getting External Data
  19. Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
  20. Protecting and Sharing Worksheets and Workbooks
  21. Workbook Properties and Inspection
  22. Encrypting and Finalising Workbooks
  23. An Introduction to Macros
  24. Illustrations, Text Boxes and WordArt
  25. Custom Number Formats
  26. Custom Lists
  27. Working with Templates
  28. Tracking Changes
  29. Compare and Merge Workbooks