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Microsoft Access Training Manuals

Using our Microsoft Access training materials Learn step by step how to use and understand the Software.
Get the skills and knowledge you need to use Access and get the maximum benefit from it.

Available in various levels covering Beginners and Intermediate (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016)

We highly advise that the version training manual matches the Access version you are using.

So, who are they for?

We provide Microsoft Access training courseware for individuals, Colleges, Universities and Training Providers. They have been written to be used in the classroom, in house and self-study environment.
Our Microsoft Access manuals will teach step by step how to use and understand the software.

The manuals use an installer which contain exercise files for you use to work through the course.


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Used by individuals and Training organisations
  • Contains exercise files to use throughout the manual
  • Printed A4 spiral bound
  • Custom Covers option (extra fees apply)

Training Providers

Custom Covers
Add your own branding. Simply send us an A4 pdf/word file and we will add this to the front cover of any order you require. As standard the manuals are delivered with our covers or in plain white format. * extra fees apply for own covers.

Custom Manuals
Create your own bespoke manuals to match your course. Choose the chapters/tasks you require and we will create the manual for you. There would be a one off fee to create the custom course and an agreed fixed price for printing. Contact us for more details


Microsoft Access Beginners Contents


  1. Before You Start
  2. Understanding Databases
  3. Getting Started with Microsoft Access
  4. The Ribbon, Toolbar and Menus
  5. Basic Database Skills
  6. Working with Columns in Datasheet View
  7. Find and Replace Data
  8. Sort and Filter Records
  9. Using the Help System
  10. Printing Database Objects
  11. Table Design Basics
  12. Table Design in Datasheet View
  13. Table Design in Design View
  14. Tables and Relationships
  15. Lookup Columns
  16. Creating Queries
  17. Creating Forms
  18. Creating Reports
  19. Basic Options

Microsoft Access Intermediate Contents


  1. Managing Database Objects
  2. Managing Databases
  3. Update and Delete Queries
  4. Make Table and Append Queries
  5. Object Properties and the Property Sheet
  6. Expressions and the Expression Builder
  7. Layout and Design Tools
  8. Working in Layout View
  9. Working in Design View
  10. Exporting Data from Microsoft Access
  11. About Importing and Linking Data
  12. Importing Data from Text Files
  13. Importing Data from Microsoft Excel
  14. Importing from a Microsoft Access Database
  15. Finding Duplicate and Unmatched Records
  16. Analysing Tables
  17. A Database Project from Start to Finish

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