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Handheld Contact
Handheld Contact seamlessly integrates with Act! — the world’s #1 CRM solution — to deliver a powerful, unrivaled mobile experience. It’s designed for the Act! user who’s serious about productivity and focuses on functionality, reliability, and security.

Designed for you
Handheld Contact is not limited in functionality by your mobile device’s Internet browser or its built-in contact and calendar. Our secure, independent mobile apps give us complete control over the user experience.

Act! features that matter
Access to contacts, activities, notes, and history. Clear activities, schedule follow ups, and create, modify, delete as you would on Act!

Easy to setup
Anyone can setup Handheld Contact thanks to its PC and mobile apps that are easy to install and eliminate the need to be an expert with servers or networking to go mobile.

Always up to date
Automatic, wireless syncing keeps your mobile device and computer up to date with the latest Act! data. It’s also the only full-featured solution that doesn’t rely on a constant internet connection. Handheld Contact’s ability to work while offline is important for users who rely on Wi-Fi-only mobile devices.

Powerful features
Our feature-rich mobile apps deliver the ultimate mobile Act! experience that can be customized from our desktop application for one or many users. It is productivity and collaboration, anytime.

Protect your data
Act! field relationships, data formats, and permissions are respected to protect data integrity and prevent duplicates. Your data encrypted for secure wireless syncing. And if your device gets into the wrong hands, remotely wipe the data from our desktop app.

How it works
Install our computer application and configure it to integrate with an Act! database. It is a central administration console for user management and intelligently keeps the Act! database and all configured phones up-to-date. One or multiple users, Handheld Contact makes it simple to manage mobile access.

1-Year Subscription includes:
Unlimited sync service
Unlimited software upgrades
E-mail support
Self-service knowledge base support

Phone Support and Remote Assistance plans
Ask about adding phone support and remote assistance to your subscriptions to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Handheld Contact is compatible with Act! v17, Act! v16, ACT! 2013, ACT! 2012, ACT! 2011, and ACT! 2010. Supported mobile devices include Apple iOS-powered devices (iPhone, iPad), Android (OS 2.2 and newer), and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.


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Try Handheld Contact at no charge for two weeks to ensure it meets your business’ needs.