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Send SMS text messages from Act! to any Contact or Group in your database. SMS messages from Act

ACT Mobile Messenger is a fast communication tool that will allow you to instantly send or schedule a text message (SMS) to any contact or group in ACT! It will also record the details of this against the contacts notes, history or other user field. Ideal solution if you require the message details, data and time recording.

Send text message confirmations and reminders for any Act! activity including custom activities. Text message can be sent using templates using activity series and smart tasks. There is even a separate SMS management application that handles distribution of scheduled text messages even when Act! is closed for the day.

Text messages are perfect for:

  • Getting messages out to your staff, customers or suppliers instantly.
  • Confirm attendance to events and increase audience numbers.
  • Close sales and auctions, confirming sale prices and bids.
  • Alerts for security or IT companies providing 24/7 service.
  • Emergency alerts across regions on a grand scale.
  • Negotiating contracts – everything is recorded and is legally accepted.
  • Guarantee your message was sent – recording date and time in ACT!.
  • Scheduling follow-up activities and reminders without PC access.
  • Ensuring communication is privacy law compliant with automatic Opt-Out
  • Sending your message to generate instant responses