Act! is the #1 best-selling Contact & Customer Manager system, trusted by individuals, small businesses, and sales teams to get organised and take the guesswork out of marketing to drive sales results.Act allows you to keep all the details about your prospects and customers in one place. Make use of the notes, histories, activities, document recording, opportunity, social media updates against the contacts card. Act software allows you to manage you calendar, track calls, meetings and other activities. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook which can auto record emails against their contact card and use for sending out email templates. Use Microsoft word to send out letter templates.Act software is available in three different variants. Act Pro, Act! CRM & Act Cloud. Deciding on which one depends on a few factors.We have written an article comparing the three version of Act in more detail which can be viewed here - Compare Act Variants
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    • Users
    • Operating System
    • Web Access
    • Enhanced Security Settings
    • Group Scheduling Functionality
    • Dashboards and Reporting with Team Views
    • Advanced Administration
    • Free trial
    • Act! Premium
    • £28.00per month (one of cost optional)
    • 1-50 +
    • Windows (web access available as long as deployed on Windows server)
    • Act! Premium Cloud
    • £28.00per month
    • 1-50 +
    • Windows & Mac (any device with web browser)