Act! add ons that offer more functionality..

You may have requirements for certain functionalities that does not come built in with Act.  If this is the case then please contact us for best advise and there may already be an add on out there that will be able to achieve this. We have lot of experience implementing extras and add ons that work seamlessly with Act! as well as working with developers to build custom add ons. There is a list below of some of the companies and tools we use to increase functionality of Act.


Exponencial produce a great range of add ons for Act that have proved to be very popular with our clients.


Synety supply a brilliant plugin that sites between Act and your phone system. Has many features including click to call and call recording functionality.


AlphaLogix produce some excellent add ons including AlphaLink (Links sage Accounts with Act) AlphaMap (Tool to plan directions and view contacts near by) AlphaSMS (send texts from Act or Sage) and more.


A leading developer of Act add ons that will help you do more and increase production with Act.


CRM Addon factory are a global provider of addons for Act which are constantly developed to ensure they work with the latest versions and make them more intuitive and user friendly. Read More Here.....