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Introducing Act! Automated Marketing

Swiftpage’s latest addition to its SME marketing offering is the Act! Automated Marketing feature. AMA is an all-in-one marketing tool that integrates seamlessly with Act! CRM to provide automated marketing and social media campaigns, task creation and follow-ups, as well as automatically recording campaign history for each of your contacts.

Comprehensive Marketing Campaign Management

Act! Automated Marketing gives you full control over your marketing campaigns with a selection of tools. AMA lets you create effective email marketing campaigns, both adhoc and longer drip marketing campaigns.

AMA users can also create response-driven nurture marketing campaigns to personalise marketing and sales activity at every stage of a buyers’ journey, along with the ability to incorporate social sharing.

Visual Workflow Designer & Template Editor

Create appealing, mobile-friendly email marketing templates with the Act! Automated Marketing template editor. AMA offers a choice of over 170 pre-built templates, all of which are fully customisable so you can change images, fonts, colours and layouts to suit your style.

AMA users can also choose from a library of over 500,000 stock photographs to use within their email marketing campaigns or import and create your own html templates.

The visual workflow designer gives you a graphical representation of your campaign workflows so that you can see how your communication flow will progress. You’ll also be able to see which stage your contacts have reached in each of your campaigns, as well as measuring your success rate with live metrics.

Lead Capture, Scoring & Nurturing

Act! automated marketing enables you to create effective landing pages with in-built lead capture forms. The data collected from these forms can also be automatically mapped to your Act! CRM system too, cutting down on data entry time and costs.

Automated Marketing can help your sales team convert more leads with effective lead scoring and multi-stage lead profiling.  

Automated Sales & Marketing Workflows

With automated data mapping, AMA also lets you combine your sales and marketing efforts using CRM workflows. You’ll have the ability to create activities and opportunities based on email campaign responses so you can reach your customers during important stages of their buying journey.

Actionable Insights

With real-time response metrics you can accurately measure key data from your email marketing campaigns including; opens, clicks, bounce rates, and comparative stats for each campaign.

Act! CRM contact records will also be automatically updated with email campaign history so you can see which emails have been received by your contacts and whether they have taken any action such as opening the email or clicking onto a link.

Help your business grow with the Act! Growth Suite Marketing Automation, to find out more and get a free, no-obligation quote speak to the Softext sales team on 0121 323 2304 or email us on

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