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CRM Addon – Act add ons

CRMADDON factory are a global provider of addons for Act!. Their addons have been certified by Act and are constantly developed to ensure they work with the latest versions and make them more intuitive and user friendly.

All their addons are available as a free trial which gives you the chance to test and ensure they meet your requirements before you commit to any financial outlay.

As a partner with we can help and advise you with their products and services.

Below are a couple of the addons available.

import it


A powerful importing tool allowing you to bring information into Act from various sources.

Import a whole range of information including notes and documents.

CSV, Excel, Access, MySQL, Act!, Navision, XML

Database Formats:
MS-SQL, ODBC, Paradox, FoxPro, Oracle



Connect Act! with your telephone system and save time.  You can call your contacts directly by clicking on Act! and you only have to pick up the telephone. When a new call is answered, the respective customer dataset is opened automatically on your screen and you know immediately who you are connected to.

NB: Only works with VOIP phone systems with TAPI drivers.

CRMADDON factory supply many more addons for Act. If there is a particular function you wish Act had there is a good chance an add on is available. Contact us and we will advise you of the best options.

If you are looking for the latest versions of Act, upgrading or additional users please look at our Act Software page.

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