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Act! Software Consultancy and Services

Softext are able to offer a range of services to ensure the end users get the most from Act CRM. Based in the Midlands but operate all over the UK we pride ourselves on a high level of service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Free Online Demo

It is one thing reading about what Act! can do but another actually seeing it. This is why we provide a Free online demo service to showcase the features of Act! and how it can benefit your company. A normal demo will usually last about 30 minutes and this will cover the main features. However if there are particual areas you are interested in seeing this can be arranged beforehand and a demo customised to your needs.

Please contact us to arrange a Demo.

Alternatively you can download a 30 day demo version of Act!. Contact us for more details.

Act! Installation

Softext will ensure that your servers and terminal machines meet the system requirements for Act! to run smoothly. It is very important this is checked and all in place before you go ahead with any installations.
We can perform on site installations for as many users you require. We will configure individual user machines and set up the preferences which involves linking up Act! With Microsoft Word and outlook.

Act! Training

Softext can provide on site training to ensure the end users will get the most from Act! and be able to use it to it’s full potential. Before any training commences there would be a telephone consultation with the client to discuss the areas they want to focus on and bespoke the package to their requirements. Act! training can be provided using their own database or the Demo database that comes with Act!. Our trainers are all fully qualified Act! certified consultants.

User Training

User training would normally require one day at clients premises covering the essentials and any particular areas client requests.

Admin training

This would be covered in one day. Our consultants will teach the administrator how to manage the database. This will include tasks such as managing users, performing maintenance and how to customise fields and layouts.

Act! Customisation

Softext can customise the Act Crm database layout to suit the clients requirements. This includes modifying the contacts, companies and groups layout. New fields can be added so clients can store the data they need about their contacts. Colours and fonts can also be changed on the layouts and imagery added to fit in with the corporate brand.

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