Add-Ons To Improve Your Act! CRM Experience

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Add-Ons To Improve Your Act! CRM Experience

Act! is the number one CRM and marketing tool for SME’s around the world. Act! CRM is designed to help small to medium-sized businesses build relationships, maximise engagement and drive growth. It is a fully customisable solution that can be tailored to the way you work and to meet any industry specific needs.

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are an addition to a program that help to expand the features of the software. Add-ons are designed to work in harmony with the original program and enhance its capabilities, improving the overall experience for the user. There are a variety of add-ons that work seamlessly with Act! CRM and we’ve listed some of the most popular ones below.

Act! Link for Sage Accounts

Constantly switching between your Act! CRM and Sage 50 Accounts software is inconvenient and time consuming. Act! link for Sage Accounts is the ideal solution, providing your Act! users with valuable insights from Sage 50 Accounts without having to switch programs. With the Act! link for Sage Accounts you can;

  • Create Invoices and Sales orders directly from the linked Act! record
  • Use the Accounting data held in Act! to create powerful searches, groups and reports
  • Use your Accounts data to update standard Act! data such as company addresses.

Seamless Opportunities

Streamline your quoting process with the Seamless Opportunities add-on for Act! Seamless Opportunities sits directly within your Act! application making it easy to update your contact records with quote information. This add-on provides a wealth of functionality including the ability to;

  • Create quotes, tenders or proposals in minutes.
  • Create calculated fields across Contacts.
  • Build your own product database with images
  • Quote in different currencies


HandheldContact gives users access to their Act! database from a mobile device so you can use the software away from your desktop. HandheldContact delivers a powerful, unrivaled mobile experience focused on productivity, functionality, and security.

With HandheldContact you’ll be able to access all of the key features of Act! CRM including access to contacts, activities, notes, and history.  You can also clear activities, schedule follow ups, and create, modify, delete as you would on Act!


Panintelligence is a Business Intelligence and Analytics software designed to help businesses uncover meaningful patterns and insights into their business data. PI works as a cost-effective alternative to reporting in excel. With Panintelligence, everyone is reading the same live data so you can trust the data you’re viewing.

Act! add-ons let you customise your out-of-the-box CRM solution into tool that’s built around your business and processes. Add-ons offer a full suite of additional functionality – so almost anything you need from your CRM is achievable. Contact us now to start building your customised Act! CRM solution.