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Sage One Cashbook

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Product Description

Sage One Cashbook features

  • Start working immediately, taking only a few minutes to set up
  • View your cash position using the summary screen
  • Get a snapshot of income, expenses and profit and loss reports
  • Record money in and money out of your business
  • Add recurring income and expenses, which Sage One will automatically record as they occur
  • Pay cash into the bank mirroring real life bank deposits, which will show as they’re paid in rather than by each transaction
  • Share information with their accounts in real time
  • Check the bank against actual bank statements to keep track of money available
  • Manage customers and suppliers easily, store important details and view them at a glance
  • Seamlessly integrate with Sage One Payroll to reduce the duplication of work

Work with your accountant online
Using Sage One can help

Do you currently use Microsoft Excel®, or hand over a shoebox or bag full of receipts to your accountant every few months? Does your accountant have to ring you and ask if anything’s missing? If so, then using Sage One can help.

With Sage One Cashbook you get a simple way to record all of the money in and out of your business and your accountant can log in to see that information too. This means they don’t need to chase you for your receipts and they can do what you pay them for quickly and easily.

Record cash deposits
Do cash-based accounting

It sounds obvious, but we designed Sage One Cashbook for businesses that do cash-based accounting. In Sage One you can simply record what cash you’ve paid into your bank, the same way you actually did it. No more having to match specific income or expenses to the actual deposit.

Manage your contacts and produce statements
Record all of your customer details in one place

It’s really straightforward to do, and lets you record notes against your customers for future reference, which can help you to build a good relationship with that contact.

You can also produce a statement of activity against each contact showing all their payments. You can email these direct to your customer and if it’s someone you do regular business with, Sage One online accounting system can send them automatically, saving you time.

The insight you need to get your business in tip-top condition
Simple reports that pack a punch

The simple reports and totals in Sage One Cashbook will let you see where your money is going.

This might help you find areas where you can save money or make changes to become more efficient. In the Summary screen, quickly view your income, expenses and get a rough idea of profit for the month and year to date.

From the summary screen you can also run a full Profit and Loss Report.

Get up and running in no time at all
It’s really easy to add all of your customers and suppliers

You can quickly add your customers and suppliers to Sage One using the data import wizard. The import wizard will guide you through a simple process and show you how to format and import your data.